7 Aug.
Hanma Machinery will participate in the 23rd Hygiene Products & Asia Tissue Exhibition in Shanghai on September 15, 2010

Hanma Machinery will attend the 23rd Hygiene Products & Asia Tissue Exhibition in Shanghai on September 15, 2010 Hanma Machinery will participate in the 23rd Hygiene Products & Asia Tissue in Shanghai on September 15, 2010 ASPE Hygiene Paper Expo (abbreviated AHPE), after years of continuous exhibition, brings together many brands in the industry, has become a sanitation equipment and health care (Asian paper towel exhibition) The annual organizer of the procurement of goods, the organizers of the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association of Health Materials Branch, once a year, held regularly in Shanghai, in Asia, especially China's first-tier cities, emerging health paper towel market development by leaps and bounds, consumption drama China has become a toilet paper production and consumption power, in recent years, the largest capacity of the new paper machine country. cut

October 2009, China's toilet paper production of about 5 million tons, consumption of about 4.2 million tons, net exports of 606,000 tons. The average compound annual growth rate of production and consumption is expected to be 9% and 7.5%, respectively, between 2009 and 2010.

In the next few years, China's toilet paper industry's consumption will be further improved, high profile toilet paper market share will continue to rise National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association Health Materials Branch (Chinese Health Materials Association) was established in 1986, is registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs Of the independent corporate bodies, from the country engaged in personal hygiene disposable supplies, sanitary materials, paper towels processing machinery and spare parts production, management, research and development, product testing and education and training units or individuals on a voluntary basis of the composition of the industry Sexual and non - profit social groups. The competent department is the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China, directly hosted by the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, and accepts the business guidance of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the State Drug Administration and other relevant departments. The current club has directly members, professional members and local association members more than 1,200. The purpose of the service of the Association is to abide by the national policies and regulations, on behalf of the common interests of member units to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of member units to promote the healthy development of China's sanitary towel industry, on behalf of the industry authority, with distinctive industry characteristics, Promote the health supplies and paper towel industry chain of the rational allocation of resources, the introduction and promotion of advanced technology, industry communication bridge and link.

2009 Health Products & Asia Tissue Exhibition A total of more than 70 overseas companies (including distributors and salespeople) from more than 20 countries and regions and more than 160 domestic exhibitors, the exhibition area of ​​more than 6000 square meters. According to incomplete statistics, the number of viewers to reach 17,686 people, of which more than 15,000 professional visitors, foreign visitors up to 2116 people. Due to the large number of international exhibitors, the professionalism of the audience, the potential buyers and more, during the three-day exhibition period, the visit flow continued, the trade sides in-depth conversation, the exhibitors and the audience of the exhibition work and the actual results are quite satisfied , The exhibition for Asia and the world of toilet paper and related enterprises to fully grasp and understand the development of toilet paper industry, the forefront of the field of toilet paper technology and equipment, new product development to create a variety of forms of cooperation opportunities to provide the best business platform. The exhibition will continue to focus on the Asian region and the world's toilet paper manufacturers, equipment and raw material suppliers, product distributors have expanded trade and cooperation between the huge room for development, set up a bridge of mutual exchanges and cooperation.

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